Build your OpenVPN VPN Business from the Best Documentation

The most detailed OpenVPN Infrastructure Documentation on the market!

You will learn how to setup a fully-automated VPN Business based on the OpenVPN protocol. From Billing, authentication, to server setup and management. We cover it all! 40 Pages of pure know-how in VPN Infrastructure and Business Management!


This Documentation will teach you how to setup and run a full VPN Business such as NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and others. It will show you how to run the business, what are the pitfalls, and how to get started. The Documentation covers topics such as advertising, SEO, DMCA, server acqusition, and many other non-technical topics. After that, you will learn how to setup Billing, the Authentication Server, the VPN Servers, and how to link them all together into a fully functioning VPN Business!

You will also receive all Plugins, Modules, Scripts, and Source Code that is required to put the Business together. The Infrastructure has been tested on RHEL8/AlmaLinux8/RockyLinux8 Linux Distributions, but it's highly likely everything would work on Debian/Ubuntu based distros as well! Everything is fully compatible with our VPN Application as well that you can purchase on Codecanyon!

The Documentation is based on my years of experience of running a VPN business. It is 40 Pages long and it is easy to use. You won't find a better wealth of knowledge anywhere else!

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Who is the Documentation for

If you are looking to start your free or paid (Commercial) VPN Business

If you want to build your own VPN Infrastructure

If you are curious about how to run a VPN Business

If you are looking to Resell the VPN servers of another VPN Provider

If you are just looking for a wealth of knowledge about VPN Businesses (Such as NordVPN)

Main Topics

VPN Business Documentation (How to run the Business, Advertisements, SEO, DMCA, Where to buy Servers, FAQ)

Reselling Documentation (Tested VPN providers, Reselling Steps, Reselling Infrastructure)

VPN Authentication and User Management (How to install and manage AUTH Server)

VPN Server Management (How to install and manage VPN Servers, How to Link them into the Infrastructure)

Billing Setup (WHMCS and HostBill)

40 Page long well-structured PDF, and all Plugins, Modules, Scripts, and Source Code

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